Not very often a bandname expresses that thoroughly what to expect: CaboCubaJazz blends Capeverdean, Cuban and Jazz music, an original concept which results in beautiful contrasts:between loveliness and fire; between mellow and in-your-face rhythms. Key figures of the band are Dutch-German percussionist Nils Fischer, the Capeverdean pianist Carlos Matos and singer Dina Medina. Bassist Reno Steba and drummer Armando Vidal complete the quintet, but the CD is enriched by an array of guest musicians from all over the world.

The result is a hard-grooving melange of call and response singing, sensual melodies and lovely vocals, brightened up with strong arrangements and improvisations by and for the hornplayers. When the music seems to get even too perfect, Medina's velvet-like voice and emotive expression still guarantee a warm, down-to-earth feel.

**** (four stars)

Frank van Herk, DE VOLKSKRANT [national Dutch newspaper] 20-01-2011