The Cape Verdean voice of Dina Medina combined with a full-blown brass section, all that on top of heavy Afro Cuban percussion -  that's the opening track of a unique transatlantic concept: the encounter of Cuba and Cape Verde within elegant, swinging and powerful jazz arrangements. Percussionist NIls Fischer learned his cross-cultural musical skills with projects like Cubop City Big Band and Nueva Manteca. Now he's facing the challenge in a totally new way.

Both island's music have African roots and jazz in common. In 'Bo Seiva" pianist Carlos Matos balances brilliantly the heartwarmingly sung morna [Cape Verdean fado] with what is basically a whistful Latin jazz ballad. Exciting improvisations by trumpeter Brian Lynch enrich 'Contratempo' and Nils Fischer's super-tight rhythmic feel can be enjoyed all over the CD. One of the selected highlights is the playful polarity between Cabo and Cuba on 'Pa' Cabo Verde me voy'.

Armand Serpenti, TROUW [national Dutch newspaper] 15-02-2011