CaboCubaJazz makes people dance in Grounds

Seen on December 1st, 2011. Grounds, Rotterdam

Especially for the day of world music CaboCubaJazz has been extended… added are singer Alberto Caicedo, trumpeter Joe Rivera and tromboneplayer David Rothschild. As soon as the band starts to play, you forget that it is a rainy December day... Dina Medina and Alberto Caicedo demonstrate clearly that they have a lot of fun on stage and get right away in touch with the audience - having the public dance in front of the stage.

The Music swings and goes just anywhere: from emotional ballad to uptempo dancemusic. We hear the splendid voices of Alberto and Dina, but also the other bandmembers get a lot of space with beautiful solos by the pianist, the percussionist and the hornplayers.

The well balanced half-hour set of CaboCubaJazz gets everybody a good idea of what to expect, but we simply want more! A showcase as a showcase has to be.