It is by far the best group presented on Saturday September 26, 2014 at the 28th International Jazz Festival Viersen.

CaboCubaJazz does not present a fusion, rather an encounter, a dialogue, a unique experiment, an innovative and tasteful twinning between African-Cape Verdean music and Cuba, all developed by the  members of CaboCubaJazz.

One has the feeling to be at times at the pearl of the Antilles [Cuba], but the rhythm permanently changes  with subtle accents and jazz, Cape Verdean, Brazilian ... almost without being able to perceive where begins and ends each gender.

The outstanding compositions and arrangements (Matos studied at the Conservatory of Rotterdam) and the vibrant percussion (Fischer was formed in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and at the Conservatory of Rotterdam), even bring us a spectrum of music with beautiful contrasts something broader Cape Verde and Cuba; at times we moved to northeastern Brazil and Uruguay to (candombe).

The percussion by Nils Fischer and solos by Carlos Matos, Armando Vidal, Joe Rivera,  Yerman Aponte and Juanga Lakunza are are bright, contagious, they are all excellent musicians. Together with the outstandig singers Alberto Caicedo and Dina Medina they performed in an incredible passionate way.

At the end of one hour concert, the well deserved applause, cheers, shouts of approval and standing ovations continued for more than 10 minutes.

A special and memorable surprise,  a unique atmosphere, a very good combination of sounds.

CaboCubaJazz will participate on 18, 19 and 20 December together with other international stars at no less than the next 30th Jazz Festival of Havana 2014  (14 til 22 December) initiated by the pianist Jesús "Chucho" Valdés and the Cuban Music Institute.

Juan Carlos Tellechea, 14-10-2014



"Die ausgelassene Stimmung, die CaboCubaJazz auf dem 28. Viersener Jazz Festival hervorbrachte, wird so schnell  nicht vergessen werden -  ein Highlight auf

durchgängighohem musikalischen Niveau!"

Rheinische Post, 21-10-2014

"The exuberant mood of CaboCubaJazz Festival on the 28th Viersen Jazz, will not be  forgotten - a highlight at a consistent, high musical level!"

Rheinische Post, 21-10-2014