What is the perfect blend? When all aspects of various genres are combined in a seamless manner? Or is it sufficient just to melt together the most obvious aspects of musical styles? For instance those strong Cape Verdean songs by Boy Gé Mendes and powerful Afro Cuban rhythm concepts, even timba? That is what CaboCubaJazz mainly is about. And it more than works.

No other than Nils Fischer is able to drive such a project to a success. He is deeply rooted in Rotterdam's Cape Verdean scene and has years of experience when it comes to Afro Cuban music, playing with bands like Nueva Manteca, the Cubop City Big Band and his own Timbazo. Together with Cape Verdean pianist Carlos Matos he faces the adventure. Most important vocalist is Dina Medina,

and the best fusion can be heard on the first two tracks: the first sung by Dina Medina, the latter, maybe even better, with vocals by Grace Évora and Alberto Caicedo. They alternate in a great song by Toy Viera. CaboCubaJazz is a quintet, but on this CD it is enriched with an array of guests.  Co-producer and engineer Marc Bischoff helped to archieve a really great sound - together with producers Fischer and Matos - which brings this production to an extremely high level.  A mix of mellow Cabo, rough Cuba, with a touch of Jazz - maybe the perfect blend.

Erk Willemsen, MIXEDWORLDMUSIC [Benelux] 03-02-2011