Volkskrant: "Beautiful Contrasts." ****

Chucho Valdés, Cuba: "¡Qué bueno eso!”

Trouw: "A unique transatlantic concept: the encounter of Cuba and

Cape Verde within elegant,  swinging and powerful jazz arrangements.

Exciting improvisations, super-tight rhythmic feel can be enjoyed all over the CD."

Slagwerkkrant: "Fantastic, incredible rhythm all the way - a revelation."

Semana, Cape Verde: “The perfect combination."

Tito Paris, Cape Verde, Portugal: "The music of CaboCubaJazz makes me very happy. Parabens!"

John Santos, Puerto Rico, Cape Verde, US: "Beautiful - what a great concept and production –

all top-notch musicians and arrangers!"

Mixed Worldmusic: "The really great sound brings it to a very high level.  A mix of mellow Cabo, rough Cuba, with a touch of jazz - maybe the perfect blend."

Volkskrant, on live performance: "Sensational...they enter the boundless landscapes of jazz." ****

Luis Conte, Cuba, US: "I love the way Cabo Verde and Afro Cuba merge together on CaboCubaJazz' debut CD.

I don't know if this has been done ever before...great work!"

Ozusalsa, Japan: "Effective groove, unique atmosphere."

Cultuurpodium: "CaboCubaJazz spread out a warm musical carpet."

Pleasurekrant: "A masterpiece."

Jazzism: "A rich cocktail of great flavors."

VPROgids: "High-quality manifestation of musical blending..."

Descarga.com, USA: "Without any effort, with a healthy dose of timba."

Muziekweb: "Groovy, swinging music...top musicians!"

Algemeen Dagblad: "A warm 'feel-good CD' you want to keep listening to."

Sticks, Germany: "Very lively strong rhythmic pulse..beaufully floating - really gets under your skin."

Calixto Oviedo: "Tremendos arreglos y tremenda interpretacion de todos los músicos. La percusión es GENIAL."

Mendes Brothers, Cape Verde, US: "Fantastic project! Very innovative album bridging the

culture of two creole nations: Cabo Verde and Cuba. Congratulations!"

Drums & Percussion, Germany: "Passionate, exiting, sweeping, can't stop listening."

Solar Latin Club, Colombia: "A musical jewel!"

"Seductive, inspirational, passionate!" - Latin Beat Magazine, USA

Lively Cuban rhythms, dreamy melodies from Cape Verde (West Africa) & adventurous Jazz

Recent highlights: Havana Jazz Festival 2014, Borneo Jazz 2017, Viersen Jazz Festival 2013, Israel tour 2016

CaboCubaJazz’ Dina Medina awarded 

“Best Female singer of Cape Verde”