CABOCUBAJAZZ at Kulturhausgarten 2014, Hamm, Germany

“Far more than 1200 music lovers were seduced to an intense musical experience by CaboCubaJazz at the Musicpavillion. Jazzy rhythms, & melancholic sounds - true summer music. Many had to enjoy the concert standing up due to a shortage of seats.

A tasty mix of musical genres plus superb percussion with an authentic feel delivered by percussionist Nils Fischer. The public was treated to experience a varied soundscape by  Cabo Cuba Jazz... what’s in a name... Ingredients: pulsating Cuban sounds, melancholic, bluesy Caperverdean tones and a lot of additional musical spices.

Armando Vidal, Nando Vanin and Dina Medina did not only provide classy vocal diversity but also showed off their dancing skills. The public still has to work on the some moves... but some felt free to follow the warm invitation to dance.

The mellow moments were performed mostly in Capeverdean Creole language,

and as soon as the band took off  to a higher musical gear, Spanish took over to tell stories; topping off fiery mambo, rumba and salsa rhythms. Razor-sharp horn section work with a lot of space for jazzy solos by pianist Carlos Matos. The contrast between

all this and the smooth melancholic sounds of the Capeverdean Morna made this

concert very special. A perfect sound.”

- Werner Lauterbach, Westfälischer Anzeiger 07-08, 08-08-2014